2020 is on the Horizon. Would You Like to Maximize the Next Five Years of Your Leadership?

There has never been a better time to schedule a two-day God Dreams retreat. Imagine an engaging time that brings energy and enthusiasm to your team like never before. You will have an experienced full-time facilitator who has also led as a pastor in a church your size or larger. Leadership teams report unprecedented progress in these two 3/4 days compared to previous planning retreats.

What You Receive:

  • Pre-retreat consulting call for retreat design with team leader
  • Consultant will review your five year church data trends
  • Retreat agenda crafted for your church culture and specific desired outcomes (the church is responsible for the retreat location)
  • 15 copies of God Dreams
  • Your Horizon Storyline will be completed with long and short range goals
  • Two follow-up coaching calls within 90 days for completion of your beyond-the-horizon vision vivid description with team leader
  • Consultant will provide church growth recommendations

What You Invest:

  • $4,950.00 (does not include travel expenses)
  • Since Auxano is a non-profit consulting group you may apply for a scholarship
  • Will Mancini is available upon request for an additional fee

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Free Resources for the 12 Templates and the The Horizon Storyline